I love art! These past few years I've been into abstract art and you'll see a lot of that in my gallery but lately I've also done my first love again, which is illustration. The technique for these two styles is extremely different. For illustration and realistic art you need absolute focus on the lines and disciplined concentration, and for abstract art you need to let all that go and just feel the colors and empty your head. Kind of like doing a puzzle and forming an image piece by piece and like watching clouds and catching a shape in it. So that's what goes on in my head! I live in a small town near Helsinki together with my partner and our daughter. We love the nature here on the countryside and I get most of my inspiration from Finland’s beautiful nature, but what I also do is that I love coffee places! You know how some authors go with their laptops to a nearby coffee place and write their books? Well, I can't go to a coffee place with all my paints, but I love to sip my coffee in some lovely coffee place and think of new projects. After a strong espresso I go home and start to paint!

Erie landscapes

When I paint landscapes, I try to catch my dreams and visions but they are difficult to hold on to. I see for example something in my dream, but the moment you wake up, the dream starts to fade. In my paintings I try catch these dreamscapes. There are certain landscapes that come up a lot in my dreams. Some of them are landscapes from my childhood or youth. Places I’ve seen only at a certain age and never again. I used to move a lot during my life and live in different countries and cities. These places and moments and moods keep dwelling in my mind and they pop up in my paintings.

Magical Animals

The first animals I can recall drawing as a child is a unicorn. So from the very beginning I have been fascinated by magical animals. Starting out with unicorns then moving on to cats and dogs and then as an early teen to horses. Throughout my life I have been drawing animals. Now decades later I have never lost interest in animals and nature. And nowadays with climate change and animal extinction it seems more important than ever to make animals stand out, show that they are important, unique and magical whether they are real or fable. So this in short is my path as an artist who loves animals.