2019: Twin Peaks UK Festival: Art gallery (London, United Kingdom)

2019: Mikä-Art shop: Permanent sale gallery (Fiskars village, Finland)

2019: Vihti library: Animal kingdom (Nummela, Finland)

2017: Galleria Fogga: Sinivalkoisia sointuja (Helsinki, Finland)

2016: Hagelstam&Co: Art charity auction (Helsinki, Finland)
2016: Galleria Fogga: Elämä voittaa (Helsinki, Finland)
2015: Pirate sf exhibition at the Nordic SF Convention (Mariehamn, Åland island, Finland)
2014: Stencil portraits, Mbar gallery (Helsinki, Finland)
2013: Vihti library:  Strong women (Vihti, Finland)
2011: Gallery Golden Point (Nummela, Finland)
2011: Tata Gala, Breast Cancer Benefit Art Show, interactive show (USA tour)
2010: Gallery Provocateur (Chicago, USA)
2006: Worlds biggest Erotic Art Exhibition "Dirty Show 7" (Detroit, USA)
2004: HTK Exhibition, Große Bleichen, (Hamburg, Germany)


2020: Black and White: Volume 5 (USA publisher: Out of Step Books)

2013: Eight Arms of Inspiration: The Octopus Art Project (USA publisher: Out of Step Books)


2009: Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences: Bachelor degree in business information technology, Helsinki
2004: HTK Academy of Design: Bachelor degree in graphic design and illustration, Hamburg

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